Waste Collection

Let our outstanding reputation keep your’s clean

Waste collection is an opinion dividing subject which can have both a positive and negative impact on a company or local authority’s reputation. Urbaser understand the importance of keeping this service streamlined and effective. To provide the best service we strive to understand the communities we are working with by running community engagement and education programs.

Urbaser has pioneered the use of clean technologies and information systems for controlling services in real time. Using routing and performance management software we are able to maximise productivity through creating efficient routes for services to follow and monitoring performance levels to create a culture of continuous improvement. We aim to give our clients the best value focusing on solutions not profit.

Urbaser offer the following waste collection services:

  1. Domestic Waste Collection
  2. Domestic Recycling Collection (Kerbside Sort and Co-mingled) – Dry and Compostable materials
  3. Domestic Bulky Waste Collections
  4. Domestic Clinical Waste Collections
  5. Commercial Waste Collection
  6. Commercial Recycling Collection (Dry Recycling and Food Waste)
  7. Private Skip Hire