About Us

Providing solutions in a cost efficient and environmentally conscious manner

Urbaser ltd is an environmental services company, who work
internationally as one of the main operators in the environmental
sector and a leader in waste management.

Part of the accredited ACS Group Urbaser specialise in providing local
councils, boroughs, autonomous regions and industries all types of
environmental services. The continued growth and success of Urbaser is
down to creating a culture that is focused on the clients needs.

Our commitment to achieving carbon positive operations is at the core
of our business. We recover energy from waste using Mechanical Bio
Treatment (MBT) and energy recovering plants and are focused on
Research, Development and innovation (R&D&i). Whilst providing
outstanding service today we are developing the environmental
technology and practice of the future.

At Urbaser our highly trained, knowledgeable staff are fundamental to
our business. They share our passion for environmental issues enabling
us to stay at the forefront of the environmental services industry.
With a culture of on-going learning we ensure all personnel have the
most up to date training to work with the latest technologies. If you
would like to work with us at Urbaser please get in touch.

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Equality and Diversity Policy

Modern Slavery & Human Trafficking Policy

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